Something Undone

Something Undone is a six part series told in 10 minute episodes. Using the sensory world of sound to tease out psychological fear and suspense, this is a mystery that begs to be solved…
Set entirely in an isolated Victorian farmhouse and featuring a sole character, we explore the blurred lines of reality vs. imagination; where ghost story, paranoia, and mental health intersect. 

TV Series 

Directed by: Nicole Dorsey

Written by: Michael Musi, Madison Walsh

Starring: Madison Walsh, Michael Musi

Cinematography by: Marie Davignon

Something Undone won Best Series at Series Mania 2021  in France and the Grand Jury Award for Episodic Pilot at SXSW 2022. Its festival tour included stops at Seriencamp in Munich, Serielizados in Barcelona, Series Mania in Melbourne, and Atlanta Film Festival